This blog is a guest post written by Dr. David Moore, of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry.

When I started Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, I had a vision for what the practice would be for families in the greater Charlotte area. I knew that the mission had to involve partnerships, building solid patient relationships, and listening to feedback from the families who visited us.

Every single decision since opening the doors – big and small – has led us to where we are today. One of the decisions I’m most proud of is the commitment to finding and building solid community partnerships to help provide total oral health care for pediatric patients in Charlotte and the surrounding communities.

The relationship our practice has with the folks at Zammitti & Gidaly Orthodontics is a strong example of an area partnership that benefits the families in the Davidson community. In the early part of 2018, we’ll be able to expand our comprehensive pediatric oral health care to Harrisburg.

Our shared space will be located in the brand-new, Publix-anchored Harris Square Center! We look forward to having the opportunity to provide Harrisburg and its surrounding communities with superior pediatric dental and orthodontic care – utilizing the latest techniques and state-of-the-art-technology, all in a comfortable and family-focused office design! Our experienced dental teams will not only ensure your child has excellent dental health, but also work together to create a smile for a lifetime!

As we’ve grown our partnership with Zammitti & Gidaly, we’ve learned we have three key areas of overlap in our missions and visions for our practices: patient-centered business operations, a partnership approach to oral health, and a desire to listen to parent feedback to grow and improve.

Patient-Centered Care

As we at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry have continued to grow in the Charlotte market, we are always looking for ways to offer quality care in ways and places that are convenient for families with children of all ages. Our office locations, including the upcoming office at Harris Square, are strategically placed in areas we know are easy-to-access and frequently visited by our patients and their families. Drs. Zammitti & Gidaly have approached their office growth in the same manner, with an end goal of being able to serve pediatric and adult orthodontic patients.

Both of our practices also look to provide patient education in the office and from the convenience of a mobile phone or computer. Our blog focuses on providing our patients and the community with helpful information on pediatric oral health care, as well as an inside look at our offices and team. The blog from Zammitti & Gidaly covers a wide array of topics and provides so many valuable insights for people considering or receiving orthodontic care.





Partnership Approach

While it’s not always the standard approach, both of our practices firmly believe in a partnership approach to total oral health. My team at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry specializes in pediatric dental care, but when matters of pediatric orthodontics arise, we are quick to refer our families to a trusted partner. That’s where the folks at Zammitti & Gidaly help us in building the long-term patient relationship. Not only do they provide excellent care for our pediatric patients, but they are able to continue to serve our patients into adulthood.

Parent Feedback

Most importantly, our shared commitment to listening (and responding) to feedback helps us to continue to create long-lasting patient relationships and become experts for comprehensive pediatric oral health care in Charlotte. For us at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, we share feedback on our site and on our social media, as well as with posts in our offices. You can read all the great things people are saying about Zammitti & Gidaly (and there’s quite a lot) on the website or also on social media.


We love our partnership with Zammitti & Gidaly – Please look for our Harrisburg grand opening in early 2018 …. we can’t wait!!



Dr. Moore is founder of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry. They have five office locations – Cotswold, University, Davidson, Gastonia, and Waverly. Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry will share space with Zammitti and Gidaly Orthodontics in Harris Square Center (slated to open early 2018).